Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the NSLS member Single Sign On (SSO) sign-up and login?

As an NSLS Member, you do not need to create a username and password. You can signup for NSLS Pay using your existing NSLS Member login, using Single Sign On (SSO). Once you have created an account using SSO, you can login using SSO each time you return to the NSLS Pay app. If you are a NSLS Member and would like to Signup for NSLS Pay using SSO, please follow these simple steps:

Launch the app and select Sign Up on the top right side of the screen.

Select "Signup for NSLS Members" on the top of the screen.

Login with your NSLS Member ID and Password. 

Select yes i authorize this request (first time only), and that will sign you in automatically. 

You should never have to sign into NSLS Pay again just simply enter a 4 digit pin or Face/Touch ID, or click "NSLS Member Login" when launching the app.

How do I save with NSLS Pay?

NSLS Pay always uses a digital gift card to pay. Each time you enter a total, it will purchase a gift card for that exact amount so you can give it to the cashier as payment in full. However, that gift card costs you less than its face value. You will see a charge to your payment account from NSLS Pay for less than the retail total. That is how you save every time with NSLS Pay.

How do I use NSLS Pay at checkout?

When you have a successful payment, the app will give you instructions for how to redeem your discounted gift card. It will display either a QR code, barcode, or a number for you to use to redeem your gift card. Retailers generally use QR codes or barcodes that you simply scan at checkout. Restaurants, you generally ask your server for a pen and write the code on the guest check. In either case, simply tell the staff that you are paying with a digital gift card and they should be able to proceed from there.

How do I use NSLS Pay online?

Simply buy a gift card with your desired value.

Then copy/paste or type the code into the gift card field on the merchants website.

Then simply follow their instructions for completing your purchase. If they require a PIN, the confirmation screen displays a PIN specific to that e-gift card code.

However, if a participating merchant does NOT have a "Gift Card" field on their checkout page online, you may still be able to use a discounted gift card online with that merchant. Here's how to check:

Go to the merchant's online site and find your "Account Settings".

From here if you see a "Gift Card" selection you can add a gift card the same way as you would at checkout (See instructions above.) 

If you would like to redeem a gift card online and the participating merchant has a "Gift Card" field on their checkout page online, you can use the app as normal to create the gift card code.

How do I save an e-gift code for later use?

Codes are intended for immediate use, however, unused codes can be stored or recovered and used later.

If you'd like to save an e-gift code for later simply:

Click the "Check Box" in the top right corner, without clicking "View Gift Card Number", and it will automatically be sent to your wallet for later use.

You can then find it later in your "Wallet" found in the slide out menu (three lines, stacked) on the top left corner of the home screen.

How do I restore an e-gift code, if I haven't used it yet?

If an e-gift code has been purchased but not used, it can be recovered and added back into your wallet. Please just follow these simple steps:

First, navigate to the "Menu" (3 lines on top left).

Then click on "Payment Accounts", and click on the card you used to make the payment. You will see all purchases associated with that payment account. Recent transactions can also be viewed under "History".

Next, restore the code to your wallet by clicking "Add to Wallet". This will add it to your wallet for a future date.

How do I adjust the amount remaining on a code in my wallet?

If you would like to adjust or track the remaining balance on any unused e-gift codes, please follow these simple steps:

Go to your "Menu" (three lines, stacked)located in the top left corner of the screen.

Then click on "Wallet". Select the desired gift card, then click on "Modify Balance" and enter the new balance.

Remember that this does not change the actual balance remaining on the card, but is for your convenience in tracking the unused portion. You can always check your balance with the merchant directly.

How do I change my search radius?

If you would like to change or expand your search radius please follow these simple steps:

The default search within the app is based on your current location. If you continue to scroll down on the dashboard your search radius will increase. The list will continue to increase until the search radius reaches 100 miles.

You can also search for a specific merchant using the "Magnifying Glass" icon found on the very right hand side of the dashboard above the list of merchants near you.

You can change your location while in the aforementioned search interface: Click "Current Location" and type a new location, like "Los Angeles" or a zip code like "90013", and select from the resulting locations below.

How do i use Touch ID or Face ID instead of PIN for IOS?

If you would like to use Face ID or Touch ID instead of a PIN and have an IOS mobile device, follow these simple steps:

Launch and sign into your account using your set PIN.

Click the "Gear Box" on the top right hand corner. This is where you can access your "Settings".

Click on "Security". There you will be able to reset your password, PIN, and activate Touch ID or Face ID depending on your phone.

Toggle on Touch ID/Face ID found at the very bottom of the page.

From there simply follow the last prompt on your phone and once completed. You will be able to use Touch ID/Face ID next time you sign in.

How do I delete a payment source?

If you would like to delete a payment source, please follow these simple steps:

Select the menu icon on the top left hand side (three bars, stacked).

Click on "Payment Accounts" from the slide out menu. Here you will see all your added cards.

Click on the card you would like to delete, then click on the edit symbol on the top right screen.

Then click on the delete button or the "Trash Can" on the top right screen.

Once you restart the app the card should no longer be in your wallet.

Where can I find my transaction details?

If you would like to adjust or track the remaining balance on any unused e-gift codes, simply tap on "Payment Accounts" in the slide out menu  on the top left corner(three bars, stacked) and select your payment source. Once selected you are able to view all the transactions affiliated with that account.

Why do I have to verify my device?

We take your security seriously. To protect your account from unauthorized access, we require that any new devices be confirmed by you first. This way if someone were to ever get your username and password, they would not be able to access your account with this information alone. This is called "2-Factor Authentication".

Using a new device triggers a requirement to verify that you are the individual accessing the account. Once you've registered your device once, you will never need to verify that specific device again.

How do I change my primary card?

If you would like to change your primary card please follow these simple steps:

First, find your "Menu" (three bars, stacked) in the top left corner of the page.

Then click "Payment Accounts" from the slide out menu.

From here just simply drag and drop the card you would like to set as your preferred method of payment above the dotted line.

You can also change which card you use for a payment "on-the-fly" during a transaction.

How do I reset my password?

If you've forgotten your password, or you receive an error saying your password is incorrect, please follow these simple steps:

Verify that the username is correct. A username is always an email address. By default, this is also the email address to which you receive all emails including your welcome email and verification emails. If you have changed your email address since registering an account, the username will not change to the notification email address.

If you username is correct, please reset your password. To reset your password, simply go to the login screen, and click "Forgot?" and follow the steps to set a new password.

How do I logout of my Single Sign On (SSO) account?

If you would like to sign out of an account on NSLS Pay please follow these simple steps:

Launch the app and navigate to Signup, then select "Signup for NSLS Members".

Select the slide out menu (3 bars stacked) on the top right hand side of the screen.

Select your profile name or photo in the slide out menu.

Then select log out.

How do I use an e-gift code on Groupon?

Groupon has a simple checkout page that does not include the option for a gift code. There is, however, still a way to add your gift code to your account. if you would like to use a gift card on Groupon please follow these simple steps:

Simply put your mouse cursor over your account name, and from the drop-down box, select “Redeem Gift Card”.

Then copy/paste or  type in the gift card number per usual and this will add the gift card balance to your account as "Groupon Bucks.'

During checkout, you will see the gift card amount automatically deducted from your purchase total.

How do I contact NSLS Pay?

You can contact NSLS Pay either by email at: or by phone at: 888-403-0413.

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